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[9] Ivy Week

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The people of Playmate of B is likely very person of all of the test preparation of soil, recently, you have come to think of it?    Some Gossip Girl, but it seems to have become a haven for it now, ...    When B're bored, I do not know what she'll do.    However, anyone new to the weak brand, I wonder gossip story I    Who I think that it has come to pass this year    Tickets for Thanksgiving Ivy Week sponsored Woldorf come without exception to successful applicants    With your opportunity to eliminate this impression, to make a B?

[8] School party

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The school party 's going to be a gorgeous this year! It, B because she is Queen? That's would have been easier it also teachers time S was the Queen. Because S is because it was good behavior. Apparently Some child is doing drag dealer in. Gossip story of the School of celebrity gossip because it essential to ingratiate to B anyway. Well school party of the year to enjoy what happens

[7] Thanksgiving

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Now, this day I finally came   The yo Bangs showy in the house of B tonight   S is I guess to know that N is coming?   It's going to be interesting somehow

[6] High society

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After a long time, I Gossip Girl There was no paparazzi at all if I vowed to silence everyone recently By the way, I have a ledy's party next week Young lady in the world I gather You are always shining in its I'm S, B is not it start to move now already?

[5] Masquerade

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By Sir, I have a masquerade immediately.  I like it the No. 1 girl.  If you want to escort a partner, at this point, C, N's will?  That person, I am important.
     I burned a tenacity in the face and SB, I have made your selection of dress

[4] Women of the Upper East Side

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Come on, it'll be the best day in Manhattan Upper East Side of New York here today.
It's a rip on the party that our teen is waiting for

[3] B who knew the secret

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Like has known Blair that Serena Vander Wood Sen and Nate Archibald has gone on the wrong side at Thanksgiving a year ago! Moreover, it appears to be aware strange things Serena Nate but this I wonder does that mean? Uh-oh, how this three I wonder what makes now?

[2] S is back

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Discover Serena in Central Park!  Serena Vander Wood sen came back in one year came down from the train and weed.  Why why S is what came back I went to boarding school ...?

[1] 掲示板が完成しましたキラキラ

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