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[4] With well over one thousand courses of all varieties

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If you?re a golfer, there?s no better place to indulge your passion than the golf-friendly state of Florida. With well over one thousand courses of all varieties, you could play for many years without hitting the same course twice.In this first of a series of articles on golf in the Sunshine State, we?ll visit the west coast of the peninsula and discuss some of the courses in the Tampa Bay area. Let?s being with one of my favorites, probably influenced by the fact that I lived on the course for several years, Northdale Golf Club.Located in northern Tampa, just above the Carrollwood section, Northdale is a great facility with 18 well-designed holes. They range from fairly easy to quite difficult. The course measures 6,840 from the tips of this Ron Garl design. It was renovated in 2002 - アグ ブーツ  all greens were rebuilt to USGA specs, the clubhouse was improved and new cart parths were installed.Northdale begins with a relatively easy par 5 that can be reached in 2. From that point on, players will experience a solid variety of holes with water coming into play frequently. Some of my favorite holes are as follows. The par 3 3rd can play well over 200 yards from the back and it?s all over water. The par 5 9th meanders to the right and the small green is protected on three sides by water. The par 3 15th hole plays through a narrow chute of trees to a tricky green that is guarded on the right by a pond and tall reeds. Finally, the par 5 16th, which bends around a lake and requires precise shot placement.Northdale is a solid test and an aesthetically pleasing layout, the only drawback being that there is no driving range associated with the facility.North of Tampa just a few miles is another of my favorites located in the town of Zephyrhills, The Links At Lake Bernadette. It was designed by Dean Refram and opened in 1983. It, to my mind, falls into the classic course design category. You don?t need to be a big bomber to play here, but you will have to be accurate. The course is a shot maker?s delight. Water comes into play on many holes as the course winds through beautiful, mature trees and over gently rolling terrain. By the way, The Links has a summer special going on, with all you can play plus lunch for $20 ? a great bargain.Here are some of my favorite holes. The par 5 4th, which I think is one of the best risk-reward holes I?ve ever played. It?s short, well under 500 yards, but don?t let that fool you. If you have any hope of hitting the green in 2, you?ll have to thread your tee shot around the bend to the left and hope you don?t pull it in the woods left or push it in the woods right. Then, your second shot is extremely demanding to a small green with water in front and trouble behind, in the form of a mound ティンバーランドアウトレット  with a bunker and pampas grass.The par 3 6th is a fine test that plays to a very undulating green. If you don?t get it close, a long putt on that green can アグ オーストラリア  be an adventure.The par 4 10th is strictly a position hole. It only measures about 315 yards, but don?t venture to the right and be tempted to cut across the dog leg. There?s serious trouble on that side.The par 5 12th is a solid hole that requires a very accurate drive of good length for a chance at getting home in two. Nonetheless, the green is very well guarded and missing it will bring a big number into play.The par 3 13th has been called the best par 3 in Tampa Bay by Golf Digest. It?s a tricky hole of only 163 yards with a semi-blind shot to a very difficult green.Finally, the par 4 18th gives you a solid challenge in finishing your round. It bends about 35 degrees to the right and requires a well placed tee shot to get a good angle to the green. The green itself is very narrow and well-bunkered, with 3 tiers.Next time around we?ll look at more Tampa Bay area courses. Until then, stay well and keep swingin?.By: Jim NettletonArticle Directory:  the AuthorJim Nettleton is a radio and television professional who is a lifelong golf addict and lived in Tampa for 10 years. Visit his golf blog at This article may be freely reprinted and republished as long as it is not changed in any way. This resource box must also be included in its entirety.

[3] When shopping online for discount marine electronics

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When shopping online for discount marine electronics, such as a Lowrance fish finder, it helps a lot to understand a bit about the technology you are shopping for. Here is a quick explanation of some of the モンクレール メンズ  terms you will encounter.Cone AngleFirst of all, fishfinders use sonar to probe the depths of the sea or lake bed and determine a picture of what lies モンクレール 店舗  beneath the water. When you shine a flashlight into the darkness, the light fans out creating a cone that is narrow at the source and wider at the distant end. Electronics does the same thing. The Cone Angle refers to the spread of the beam at the distant end, so a 90 degree beam offers more coverage than a 20 degree beam. Multi-beam systems, as the name implies, send out more than one sonar beam, cumulatively offering a much wider field of view. The Lowrance HDS-7 Fishfinder and GPS Chartplotter series offer a stunning 120 degree view with superior clarity and magnificent detail. FrequencyThe frequency of the sonar signal is measured in KHz. In general the lower the fish finder?s frequency the deeper the signal can penetrate beneath the surface. For very deep waters 50 KHz will give you deep penetration using a relatively narrow cone angle. Much higher frequencies tend to have wider cone angles and do not penetrate the water to the same degree. Equipment operating at a frequency of 200 KHz is well suited to covering a wide area in a shallow lake and can result in a more finely detailed picture of what lies below the surface. Frequency is usually adjustable and dual frequency options are common.Fish TargetsWhen the sonar beam encounters an object it returns a signal to the fish finder. The sensitive electronics in the unit analyze the characteristics of the signals returned and are able to distinguish between marine life and other objects. Fish targets are typically represented as a fish symbol on your unit's screen. ThermoclinesA thermocline describes a layer of water that is at a different temperature from the waters around it. Thermoclines form rapidly in response to changing モンクレール 新作  conditions or they can be a permanent feature of a certain ocean area. Lowrance fish finders represent thermoclines as lines on the display. TransducerThe transducer is the powerhouse of the fish finder. It controls the frequency of the sonar beam and sends and receives the signals that are interpreted by the equipment into graphical representations. Three important things to know about the transducer are how it mounts on the boat, what frequencies it supports and the cone angle it produces. Transducers commonly mount on the transom, or hull, out of the way of the motor. Transom-mounts are the most common and easiest to install. Some models with high frequency capable transducers may need to be mounted through the hull, which can be a complicated installation requiring a hole to be cut on the hull. The Lowrance HDS-7 Fishfinder and GPS Chartplotter series and the Lowrance HDS-5X fishfinder series come with your choice of 83/200 KHz or 50/200?KHz transducers. Display ScreenAll the detail in the world is not worth much if you can?t see it! Many fish finders use LCD color displays. Generally the larger the number of pixels, the better the quality of the display. Grayscale displays use shades of gray to distinguish between natural and artificial structures, the lake bottom and the type or size of the fish. CRT displays come at a higher price but offer higher resolutions and better display quality. Lowrance makes a full range of fishfinders, FF/GPS/Chartplotter combos and offers a full range of other marine electronics for boating professionals and enthusiasts.

[2] Even if you are staying at a resort hotel which gives you ac

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If you love golf, a golf vacation might be something that you like to do on a regular basis. For the avid golfer, the thought of going on vacation where you do nothing but golf is the idea of heaven. Here are a few things to consider before you take your next golf vacation. First, it's always good to go on vacation with people who share your love of golf. Most often a golf vacation turns モンクレール ダウン メンズ  into a buddy trip, but there's really nothing wrong with that. But make sure that you pick a destination that everyone can agree on. Take a vote if you must, but be sure everyone wants to go to the same place and that everyone can afford it. You will also want to take into consideration everyone's playing abilities when you plan a golf vacation. Someone with a 3 handicap will enjoy a challenging course while a person with a 13 handicap will likely just get frustrated and mad on the same course. As a general rule when planning a golf vacation, you should consider the courses first and the accommodations next. Resorts, especially those with quality golf courses, are expensive. But all in all, if golf is a main purpose or highlight of your trip, decide where you want to play first, and then decide on accommodations. You can take a golf vacation where you stay at a hotel to gain access to a course and then move to a less expensive hotel later. It's an inconvenience to have to repack and move during the trip, but can be well worth it in order to play top courses while not spending the entire vacation at posh resort prices. Even if you are staying at a resort hotel which gives you access to its courses, find out how far ahead of your arrival date you can book tee times. All courses have specific rules for when they will make tee times, which you should take note of and follow carefully. Some courses even have specific times モンクレール ダウン レディース  you must call to reserve your time (e.g., between 7 and 9 a.m. on the Thursday eight days before the weekend you wish to モンクレール 新作  play), though most guidelines are usually more general (e.g., a week before you wish to play or up to sixty days ahead). You should book as far as ahead as possible, especially for high demand courses. Even as a resort guest, if the course is popular, you may be out of luck if you wait until a few days before arrival or check-in time to get a tee time Once you've embarked on your golf vacation and are ready to play the courses you've chosen, don't just jump right in with the excitement that we know you feel. You must take time to get a feel for the course and stretch properly. Arrive at the course well before your tee time to avoid feeling rushed and look around. Check out the scorecard to see the layout of the course and perhaps talk to the course pro to see if he or she has any advice for you. A golf vacation is a great way for the golfer to enjoy some of the best courses our country has to offer. So plan carefully and then get out there and have some fun.

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